State of the Network Study | 2023

More than 300 IT professionals across various industry verticals, job functions, geographies, and departments share their biggest challenges and path forward as they steadfastly work to delivery peak IT services while leading business in the ongoing digital transformation.

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VIAVI Solutions completes 15th global State of the Network Study

Beginning in 2007, we have asked IT professionals responsible for supporting the network, infrastructure, and applications their status—including what has worked and what has not—as well as their initiatives for the next three years. The results offer relevant, independent information to anyone in similar roles that seeks to persevere and continue to be one-step ahead of emerging challenges they may face.

State of the Network by the Numbers

  • 15 Years
  • Over 6,800 respondents
  • Over 36 technologies covered
  • Over 225 questions asked
  • Responses from over 110 countries