State of the Network | 2020

In the age of disruption, comprehensive network visibility is key.

Over 400 IT professionals weigh in on the workloads, challenges, data sources, and team collaboration required to drive service delivery in this age of disruption.

We examined the impact of widespread remote working transition on IT operations, as well as emerging technologies, application and network issues, and cross-silo collaboration.

Study Highlights:

Understanding End User Experience is a top challenge: For the first time in the 13-year history of the survey, “understanding end-user experience” is the top challenge for troubleshooting applications followed by the previous 12-year leader “problem domain isolation”.

The remote working transition exposed lack of visibility: The surge in remote users is challenging network and security teams—almost 58 percent are seeking more visibility—to manage bandwidth load, monitor application performance, and avoid VPN oversubscription.

NetOps and SecOps roles converge: NetOps teams are feeling the pressure with this year’s respondents stating more than 1/3 of their time is now consumed by  security issues, a dramatic jump from 2019.